My Inner Courtyard

My Inner Courtyard


Every shadow has a heart of light. Every emotion has a story to tell.

Every story has a battle  you cannot see.

Nandita Asthana Sanker is an integrative therapist, emotional coach and educator who works with people to help them discover their full potential in life. Combining a potent mix of experiential and cognitive techniques – like Somatic mind-body tools, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, hypnosis, neuro – linguistic programming (NLP ), inner child healing, EFT and mindfulness, she helps them transform their inner demons into friends.

Nandita believes that each one of us is already supremely equipped to with all that we need to achieve greatness and happiness in life. All we really need is someone to help us take a step back, identify our own shadows and guide us to turn the darkness into light.

Nandita has worked across multiple geographies, teaching and healing – over a thousand people from over 60 different nationalities.

She has also been featured in a book called Change your life – written by Sneha Mehta and published by Random House. It features the top ten healers in the country including names like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bejan Daruwala

Nandita is also listed on Practo and you can how she has improved lives by looking at her feedback.  

My Inner Courtyard.

Making the unconscious, conscious.

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